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Photographer: Street Walker

Tomorrow I will be on my way back to India. It has been almost one year since we left and if I am honest, I miss it terribly. I will be spending 4 weeks there, visiting friends, traveling and photographing.

There is something about photography in India. It is a tough place to capture images, visual chaos confronts you everywhere, but it’s incredibly rewarding when you manage it. Walking the streets with camera at my side I find something of interest at every turn. The colors are stunning and the subjects are engaging and usually willing and interested in being photographed. To catch a slice of life there is an experience not to be missed.

In India, every glance tells a story.


Paavo from Finland. A country with a population half that of the Metro Manila area.

I’m starting to work on a new update of the website and looking at images to include. This is an outtake from my Expats at Home project, a personal project I’ll post more about soon, but is a portrait that I really like. Edits can be cruel things, sometimes you have to do away with good images. It’s not something I relish, as a matter of fact it can cause me stress and anxiety – but I recognize it’s necessity all the same. It’s something I’m getting better at – slowly. Still, a good image to share I think.

Perhaps a blog is a good place to start a pot of stew. A happy home for tasty leftovers.

Fishing on Inle Lake, Myanmar

The pursuit of knowledge…

Three years ago I decided to return to school. I had pursued a BFA degree in photography when I was young, but had to abandon that pursuit when I got married and ran out of money. For many years I had dreamed of finishing my degree, but it wasn’t until we moved to India, I wasn’t able to work, and I discovered it was possible to return to my studies, but not in India. This was an online degree program, through my same school that I had attended many years ago, the Academy of Art University. I’m not done with my degree yet, but I am starting to realize just how far I have come.

Tibetan Temple in Karnataka, India

Three years ago I thought this was a good image. Now I look at it and I see how it could have been great. So what’s wrong? The focus point is in the wrong place, the depth of field is too shallow, and I should have captured the image 1/2 a second before or later so that the monk is in a better location and not right between the two temple “horns”. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

So now, I continue my studies, I do paid work when the right assignment comes my way, I do assignments for NGO’s as a way of giving back and I grow confident in my work. Knowing that now, I have the skills to create an image that I feel proud of, one where all of the technical elements support the story I want to tell or the mood I want to share.

Fishing on Inle Lake, Myanmar

Fishing on Inle Lake, Myanmar

There is always more to learn, but I am enjoying the journey and feel good about how far I’ve come. Oh, and I love being a photographer!